Comic 1101 - Malati's Mission #09

13th Nov 2014, 9:00 PM
Malati's Mission #09
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Centcomm 13th Nov 2014, 9:24 PM edit delete
Take a look at the cast page .. some improvements have been made .. new pics !!
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Stever 13th Nov 2014, 9:02 PM edit delete reply

Whoa, those eyes of hers are spooky.
Centcomm 13th Nov 2014, 9:21 PM edit delete reply

and thats her "nice" look..
Sheela 14th Nov 2014, 6:32 PM edit delete reply

Game-Face !
Vivocateur 13th Nov 2014, 9:12 PM edit delete reply

Teacher guy; "Yay! I've been rescued by-aaarg!"
Centcomm 13th Nov 2014, 9:21 PM edit delete reply

Haegan2005 14th Nov 2014, 1:39 AM edit delete reply

I agree with TPO. I would be seriously debating taking my chances with the terrorist after seeing mal's face!
DizzasterJuice 13th Nov 2014, 9:14 PM edit delete reply

Now a real assassin can do all that without getting a drop of blood on her. :P
Centcomm 13th Nov 2014, 9:23 PM edit delete reply

Actually common misconception.. anyone that plays with blades will normally get splattered .. its a well known Forensics factoid .. its almost imposable in close work to remain pristine >_< or so my sources tell me... ^_^
DizzasterJuice 13th Nov 2014, 9:51 PM edit delete reply

Perhaps next time she can get naked so she doesn't get any on her clothes. Yeah, now that's a great idea!
Furushotakeru 13th Nov 2014, 10:51 PM edit delete reply
I like the cut of your jib and wish to subscribe to your newsletter
DocSavage 14th Nov 2014, 8:11 AM edit delete reply
True, but cutting the throat from behind the victim would only get blood v4er the cutting arm. The rest must be from the previous victim.
T1G3R2501 14th Nov 2014, 9:11 AM edit delete reply
Let's not forget the previous kills. Hence the blood on her clothes.
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 11:43 AM edit delete reply

exactly :D
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 11:43 AM edit delete reply

Dragonrider 13th Nov 2014, 9:16 PM edit delete reply

Wonder what scared the teacher most;
Being tied and threatened with death.
Covered in arterial blood spray.
Malati standing behind his captor covered in blood and smiling like a very happy cat.
Centcomm 13th Nov 2014, 9:23 PM edit delete reply

all three?
Dragonrider 13th Nov 2014, 10:13 PM edit delete reply

I actually think number three is it. He is now wondering who this is and is he going to get out alive. Doubt the citizenry see the cassians out of uniform very often,
Tokyo Rose 14th Nov 2014, 1:38 PM edit delete reply

It's an android--going by the eyes--who isn't wearing a visible inhibitor and just killed the person who was about to murder him. Not hard to make a good guess at what she is*.

(*FUCKIN' SCARY is what)
jamie59 13th Nov 2014, 9:16 PM edit delete reply

Silenced her!
Centcomm 13th Nov 2014, 9:23 PM edit delete reply

lalverson 13th Nov 2014, 9:28 PM edit delete reply
Well, at least her head s still attached.
Kamy 14th Nov 2014, 2:12 AM edit delete reply

Welcome in the "Nearly Headless" society...
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 11:43 AM edit delete reply

Aurora 13th Nov 2014, 9:48 PM edit delete reply
Oh! The board has Latin on it! Must... Translate!
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 11:34 AM edit delete reply

Fell free - its actually not gibberish.. :D
Aurora 27th Nov 2014, 2:20 AM edit delete reply
I'm working on it! Now if only I could see all of the words... Mati, move!
plymayer 13th Nov 2014, 11:51 PM edit delete reply

Such a waste of a pretty smile.
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 11:43 AM edit delete reply

I know right?
DLKmusic 14th Nov 2014, 12:27 AM edit delete reply

I remember saying it back in "Malati's Mission episode 5" about those glowing eyes, but here it's even kewler (scarier? more disturbing?) seeing that effect when she's covered in blood like that. Awesome!!!!

Oh, one more thing... Luv ya Mali, but you NEED a shower!!!

The Old Scribe 14th Nov 2014, 12:29 AM edit delete reply

The way ol' Spooky Eyes gave those Voice terrorists a second grin is a sight to behold. It's interesting that she knows the Nova Roma fish is indeed rotting from the head and yet her programming won't let her do anything about it. I wonder which way she'll lean when the crap hits the fan?
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 11:42 AM edit delete reply

We shall see .. wont we :D
Draginbeard 14th Nov 2014, 12:32 AM edit delete reply

4th panel is my favorite here. There is a little bit of Terminator nostalgia on that page for me.
Tokyo Rose 14th Nov 2014, 5:49 AM edit delete reply

Usually, when I write scripts or summaries for Cent to follow, I give a general idea of the effect I'd like to achieve. With this one, I was very specific about this bit in particular--I really, really wanted the effect of having the terrorist fall down to reveal Malati standing behind her. When I got this page and the previous one, I was absolutely jazzed, because Cent actually outdid my expectations by a long shot--it could have wound up looking as if Malati somehow teleported behind the woman. Instead, you can SEE that Malati is standing there without detracting one bit from the reveal in the fourth panel, thanks to the camera angles that Cent chose to use.

So. Awesome.
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 11:35 AM edit delete reply

Rose gave me pretty clear cut ideas when she wrote this segment - yeah actually working with a script *GASP* I REALLY enjoy it when I can knock Rose's socks off .. :D it happens so rarely and she does it all the time to me :D
Draginbeard 14th Nov 2014, 6:02 PM edit delete reply

Scripts are a good thing. They help keep everything tight and focused. Improvising is fine too, but better in small doses. A story is like a little kid, it will wander off on you when your back is turned. =P
mjkj 14th Nov 2014, 1:57 AM edit delete reply


That look - priceless...

Wow, I like how you did the page - especially panel four :D

Good work, Mali!

PS: Maybe you should put a graphic warning on top of the page - for those faint hearted that might stumble upon this page...

Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 11:36 AM edit delete reply

Well technicly the whole comic is " warning voilence / nudity / language / sexual situations / blah blah .. Im not that great a coder but if you mean the page title?
mjkj 15th Nov 2014, 12:49 AM edit delete reply

Ah, yeah, that is true. I forgot about that since it rarely is necessary.
bilateralcomics 14th Nov 2014, 6:25 AM edit delete reply

Oh lordy...brutal!
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 11:38 AM edit delete reply

YUP! splattery :D
FJames56 14th Nov 2014, 8:04 AM edit delete reply
They call it "Getting Wet" for a reason. :)
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 11:38 AM edit delete reply

also they call it "wet work" :D
VanEzzania 14th Nov 2014, 8:05 AM edit delete reply

The cast page has finally been updated! Oh, CeCi.....
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 11:39 AM edit delete reply

Yeppers LOTS of new pics :D
Hydrargyrum 14th Nov 2014, 6:40 PM edit delete reply

If you like Ceci's cast page portrait the Patreon version's probably worthwhile...
T1G3R2501 14th Nov 2014, 8:33 AM edit delete reply
I...I'm in love.....rawr...
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 11:39 AM edit delete reply

Phil 14th Nov 2014, 8:54 AM edit delete reply
I know malati is bloodthirsty, but didnt know she was stupid.
Seems like a stupid thing to do, to kill someone who is right in the middle of "revealing all"...
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 11:41 AM edit delete reply

See the thing is the Cassians already know the Silent voices plans .. they dont need to interrogate her also Mal took her out quickly to prevent her from triggering the bombs OR killing the guy ( and she was about to put a bullet in his skull... )
Tokyo Rose 14th Nov 2014, 1:46 PM edit delete reply

Note that Malati let her spew her rhetoric right up until the point where she was about to reveal the hostage's brain all over the floor. Noctis authorized lethal force against all hostiles, indicating that none of them were required for later interrogation. What we didn't bother to show is that Malati has a facial-recognition program running, ready to flag anybody who might actually be of greater potential value than the low-level "soldiers".
SquallLion 14th Nov 2014, 11:28 AM edit delete reply

definitely bloody . why is she not beheaded?
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 11:42 AM edit delete reply

Its actually rather difficult to behead someone Malati's blades are not that long the part that extends past her closed fist is only about 5 or 6 inches ..
SquallLion 15th Nov 2014, 3:39 AM edit delete reply

Matt Knab 14th Nov 2014, 1:29 PM edit delete reply

Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live, right? o.O
Tokyo Rose 14th Nov 2014, 1:47 PM edit delete reply

She was certainly poisoning herself, if no one else, with all that eyeliner.
antrik 11th Oct 2016, 3:12 PM edit delete reply
...and all the other stuff she put on.

Classy lady -- knows to look her best on an important day.
antrik 11th Oct 2016, 3:15 PM edit delete reply
(The coroner will surely appreciate it.)
rfaramir 14th Nov 2014, 2:50 PM edit delete reply
It looks like the teacher and Malati got lucky: nothing Malati did actually prevented the terrorist from killing him in her death throes. (Or from detonating the bomb, if she had a detonator.)

Chopping off the gun hand or at least controlling the gun before killing her would have been wiser. Or decapitating her. Or doing worse to her head (bullet into it). Anything but leaving her time to realize her throat is cut and do something nasty before she shuffles off the mortal coil.
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 5:11 PM edit delete reply

Mal knows what shes doing once she ascertained the situation - if she had done more than just die .. Mal would have acted..
Kitty 14th Nov 2014, 6:31 PM edit delete reply
Well, to be frank, I don't think most people have the presence of mind, when they notice their throat has just been sliced open, to attempt doing much of anything.
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 6:44 PM edit delete reply

Thats what Malati was counting on .. :D
cattservant 14th Nov 2014, 2:52 PM edit delete reply

All over but the dripping.
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 5:11 PM edit delete reply

plot drip splatter ..
KarToon12 14th Nov 2014, 4:54 PM edit delete reply

Yay! No school! XDXD

So that's the actual language in the background there? (We never really see it spoken, since the comic's all in English.) Is it completely made up gibberish, or is it actually Roman/Greek/other language words?
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 5:10 PM edit delete reply

Yep .. "Lamaod" or "Modern Latin" or just "Roma" is a bastard child of actual Latin and google... the letter set used is English. or ( standard ) Generally when you see English in the comic its eather "Standard" or in rare cases actual English.. at various points you will get to see other languages :D
velvetsanity 14th Nov 2014, 8:40 PM edit delete reply

Aka 'Google Latin'? :D
Rashala 14th Nov 2014, 5:01 PM edit delete reply

Talk about slow reaction time....Sheesh it may be a GOOD thing she killed her then
Centcomm 14th Nov 2014, 5:10 PM edit delete reply

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