Comic 1335 - Family Recognition

12th Apr 2016, 9:00 PM
Family Recognition
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Mark_L_A 12th Apr 2016, 9:01 PM edit delete reply

Gulp indeed.
Stormwind13 13th Apr 2016, 4:29 AM edit delete reply

I'm thinking Aeneas is remembering just how dangerous Kusanagi is. He is also remembering that he just blasted Tokyo Rose out of his system. LOTS to gulp over.
Lukkai 13th Apr 2016, 4:48 PM edit delete reply

Certainly not two entities to test your mettle on.
Centcomm 14th Apr 2016, 5:02 PM edit delete reply

Lots to gulp on coming up too!
Dragonrider 12th Apr 2016, 9:05 PM edit delete reply

One might hope he will be sane enough to shut down the doomsday device when someone, Acantha, Dolly, Ceci or TeeDee puts a bullet through Douchie's so-called brain. Acantha is probably the only one besides Ceci That has a chance in hell of surviving the encounter with Kali afterward.
Sheela 13th Apr 2016, 10:55 AM edit delete reply

To be fair, any of the New Troy combat androids would probably survive.
And Marcus Ramsey would probably handle her well too.
Gilrandir 13th Apr 2016, 11:20 AM edit delete reply
Dolly has a combat chassis. To an extent, a confrontation with a Cassian is what her upgrades were intended for. If such a confrontation should occur, it would tell us much about the creatrixes opinion regarding the relative merits of equipment (in which I include combat software and pre-wired reflexes) versus training and tactical experience. And, as to the last, this is not Dolly's first dance, either.
Mark_L_A 13th Apr 2016, 12:56 PM edit delete reply

Not really, Dolly's chassis is as close to human as Calliope could make it. Granted a Borged Human, but human nonetheless.
Sheela 13th Apr 2016, 2:02 PM edit delete reply

Considering what Maxus did to the Cassian assasins, I would not discount Dolly's new body as being any less dangerous than a normal combat android like, say, Ada. Especially since Calliope would have crafted the body with Dolly in mind, and she's a Guardian android, just like Kali is.

Ofcourse, there's more modded combat androids like TeeDee, or even, CeCi.
Centcomm 14th Apr 2016, 5:02 PM edit delete reply

Well Dolly is fast. And she is more durable than a human. I guess we will have to see how she does :D
mjkj 12th Apr 2016, 9:06 PM edit delete reply

Awwwww, he called her onee-san.... <3 <3 <3 ♡ ♡ ♡
Centcomm 14th Apr 2016, 5:01 PM edit delete reply

I thought that was hella cute too!
CptKerion 12th Apr 2016, 9:36 PM edit delete reply
Alright NOW I think he is going to be punched. By Rose. Using F-bombs. Continually.
HiFranc 12th Apr 2016, 10:57 PM edit delete reply

I think that she would go easy on him as he was brain damaged at the time.
grahamf 13th Apr 2016, 10:03 AM edit delete reply
I doubt it. It may just double as a test and a means to occupy him as they finalize repairs.
Centcomm 14th Apr 2016, 5:03 PM edit delete reply

Well we are gonna find out arent we!
Stormwind13 13th Apr 2016, 10:28 AM edit delete reply

I'm thinking HiFranc might be closer to right, CptK. It is my belief that Rose feels responsible for Aeneas' condition.

She failed to forsee the attack, failed to take any action that might have blunted the attack, and has (until now) been unable to help him at all. I think guilt will keep Rose from flaying Aeneas.
Sheela 13th Apr 2016, 10:57 AM edit delete reply

I think she will "go easy" on him as well.
But .. well, it's Tokyo Rose, so *some* swear words may sneak into the conmversation.

That, or she will hide a stash of weird porn in one of his memory cores. :D
Morituri 13th Apr 2016, 7:00 PM edit delete reply
I have trouble imagining what Rose would think of as "weird."

Remember that she's >1200 years old and has been living among human-generated data for all of that time....

At some point the mask is no longer a mask, because it has become the face. At some point the weird is no longer weird, because you have now accepted that it is normal.

Well, okay, except for that guy over there desperately masturbating while screaming "God save the queen" over and over. That isn't normal...
Sheela 14th Apr 2016, 2:04 PM edit delete reply

Don't worry, I'm sure Rose has set the bar nice and low for new entrants into the "weird" genre of porn .... like REAL LOW !!! >_<
CptKerion 14th Apr 2016, 8:21 PM edit delete reply
I suspect that one way or another there will be a verbal flaying. Not a physical... digital? flaying though. Verbally assaulted such that it was like being punched.
HiFranc 12th Apr 2016, 10:59 PM edit delete reply

So Kusanagi *is* his mother? One of them anyway.
mjkj 12th Apr 2016, 11:19 PM edit delete reply

More like "big sis" as you just heard...

I guess she helped. But I guess the mom and dad part goes to Cent and Rose...

HiFranc 13th Apr 2016, 2:39 AM edit delete reply

Mouse over text doesn't work when I'm on my phone.
Stormwind13 13th Apr 2016, 4:25 AM edit delete reply

Aeneas called Kusanagi onee-san, which is big sister in Japanese.

Love how beautiful Kusanagi is in the third panel! :-)
Centcomm 14th Apr 2016, 5:01 PM edit delete reply

yeah Sister is the best relationship equation to what the three treasures are to Aeneas.
The Old Scribe 13th Apr 2016, 12:09 AM edit delete reply

Kill the fatted calf and prepare the feast. Let us drink and make merry. The Prodigal Son has returned to us. All is forgiven. Now it is time to wreak vengeance on those who damaged him.
Wolfsbane 13th Apr 2016, 12:23 AM edit delete reply

Amen, brother!
cattservant 13th Apr 2016, 1:21 AM edit delete reply

Sheela 13th Apr 2016, 11:01 AM edit delete reply

Yeah, his soul keeps falling out.
Greenwood Goat 13th Apr 2016, 1:55 AM edit delete reply
Aeneas: And you... you are Kagami... onee-san.

Kagami: Good. Your memory is returning, and will be fully restored soon.

Aeneas: Yes... so where is...?

Yasakani: *manifests her humanoid avatar behind him* A-CHAN! *glomp* You're back! My one boyfriend in this all-girl society!

Aeneas: Baka-san! Yamete kudasai!

Yasakani: You remembered!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ X-D ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Aeneas: IneedtospeaktoTokyoRosenowthankyouverymuch! *lurches through portal* ...Domina Rosa. I must apologise.. and what's all this rope for?

Tokyo Rose: *knotwindwindloopknotknotknot* Guess.

Aeneas: Er, shibari...? No... kinbaku! Right?

Tokyo Rose: Correct. Stand here, arms behind your back.

Aeneas: Wait! I need to-

Tokyo Rose: We can talk while I work, and it is so rare that I get the opportunity to practice like this. Your apology is accepted, by the way. :-)

Aeneas: ;_;

Tokyo Rose: And you - get back to work.

Yasakani: Hai! ...Rose is hogging all the fun... AND the boys! :-p

Stormwind13 13th Apr 2016, 4:43 AM edit delete reply

Don't give the EVIL duo IDEAS, GG!!! O.o
Sheela 13th Apr 2016, 11:02 AM edit delete reply

LOL .. "Baka-San" ... and she's a glomp-monster too. :)
Lukkai 13th Apr 2016, 4:53 PM edit delete reply

In the background Kyle: "I did not need to see any of that."

Ceci: "Word."
Sheela 14th Apr 2016, 8:56 AM edit delete reply

Decimus : "great, great ... can we get back to killing Kyle now ? I still have some ripper rounds left."
Centcomm 14th Apr 2016, 5:00 PM edit delete reply

LOL! ok that was good
Just_IDD 13th Apr 2016, 6:45 AM edit delete reply
I had an evil thought, when Aeneas goes 'live' I really want him to dump "Rebel Yell" into the palace speaker system followed up with "Goooood Morning Nova Roma!!! Is it too early to be this loud?"
Dragonrider 13th Apr 2016, 8:48 AM edit delete reply

Let's don't and say we did.
DLKmusic 13th Apr 2016, 2:01 PM edit delete reply

Actually, I kinda like that idea... Although my choice would be "We're not gonna take it"...
Lukkai 13th Apr 2016, 4:55 PM edit delete reply

Alternately he could just play the Jaws-theme in the tunnel Deci is currently crossing.
Morituri 13th Apr 2016, 8:08 PM edit delete reply
Oh, goodness. I think Adrian Kronauer predates Aeneas by a long time and has grown already sort of obscure. In a thousand years? Then again, Aeneas apparently knows songs by Phil Collins...

At any rate, if Aeneas announced himself publicly, most of the citizens of Nova Roma, on realizing who it was, would instantly piss themselves in fear, and hundreds at least would die in the ensuing panic. Thousands more would stumble out of what they believed to be a doomed city, into the wastes. And a relatively small area of the wastes do not support large numbers of people. The only things that would quickly adapt to the presence of so many people, in fact, would be the predators.

So.... Assuming Aeneas wants to save the citizens of Nova Roma, the immediate public revelation probably isn't the best plan. Get Acantha firmly on the throne, start making life better for the citizens, and then when she's the most beloved ruler in living memory and people are more optimistic about the future and relations with New Troy and Centcomm have turned out not to be fatal - THEN might be a reasonable time to start circulating rumors that Aeneas might not be entirely dead.
Gilrandir 14th Apr 2016, 4:29 PM edit delete reply
Let's go further back in history ...

"Good afternoon, citizen-soldiers of Nova Roma, and thank you for listening to the Zero Hour. You poor boys have been suffering for so long. The Imperator's bullyboys brutalize you whenever they can get away with it, while their officers are distracted by lining their pockets from the tills of the honest merchants they are 'protecting'. Caught, between the civilians you have been ordered to oppress, the private security forces who can't stand the sight of you, and the sadists you help keep in power, you really have so little hope for anything beyond a hard bed, a cold meal, a full clip of ammunition, and the chance to take it all out on someone weaker than yourselves."

"Give it up, boys. Desert. Sneak away and discard your uniforms. The forces of New Troy and the Damnatio Memoriae will honor your surrender and show mercy if you just give up now. You have no hope of winning, but you might just stay alive to make it back to your families. And now, to help you think happy thoughts, let's hear from the Andrew's Sisters with 'Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me)'"
Dragonrider 14th Apr 2016, 4:49 PM edit delete reply

@Gilrandir: Remember the "Boyz in Blue" are freed from prisons and put in the Praetorian Guard by Douchie. Doubt they have homes or families, Douchie didn't encourage that. And about the only surrender the Rebels or General Max are going to take is rather life threatening to Praetorian's existence.
Centcomm 14th Apr 2016, 5:00 PM edit delete reply

To be fair Max would allow them to serve out the sentience they were already assigned by Roma's legal system. Admittedly a lot of those would be summary executions carried out by cassians on the spot. But he would be willing to go back over the cases and try to salvage some of them. If that were even possible.
Gilrandir 14th Apr 2016, 5:15 PM edit delete reply
Are you insisting that my mock propaganda broadcasts be restricted solely to actual, factual statements? ^_^ It is possible you might end up slightly disappointed.
Centcomm 14th Apr 2016, 8:38 PM edit delete reply

Okay fair enough!
Gilrandir 15th Apr 2016, 12:19 AM edit delete reply
For those still curious, Google "Zero Hour", "propaganda", & "D'aquino".
TheSkulker 16th Apr 2016, 4:39 AM edit delete reply

Gilrandir, thanks for the tip. It's too bad the corrupt government officials didn't go to jail themselves. And people wonder why we have no faith in our "protectors" of justice and freedom!
cherub laws 13th Apr 2016, 7:04 AM edit delete reply
In case anyone is interested Data Chasers is at #12.
Sheela 13th Apr 2016, 11:04 AM edit delete reply

Yeah, it has been doing good this month.

But then,. it's also been kickass this month. :)
DLKmusic 13th Apr 2016, 2:03 PM edit delete reply

I think that Topwebcomics got the bot situation straightened out some, no more 50k votes in the first 10 days for some people.

Good to see things back to semi-normal there.

@sheela: when has it ever NOT been Kickass???
Stormwind13 14th Apr 2016, 6:38 AM edit delete reply

I think Sheela was talking about the avalanche in progress, DLK. This arc is rapidly coming to a completion. All the pieces are in play, there is no backing up, no turning back. It is go as hard as you can, as fast as you can on both sides. Pray that you make it out the other side alive.

I can guarantee you, not everyone WILL make it. And if past trends hold, the (EVIL) duo will have some surprises for us.
Sheela 14th Apr 2016, 8:57 AM edit delete reply

Ok, ok .. it has been more kickass lately, than normal. :)
KarToon12 13th Apr 2016, 1:33 PM edit delete reply

Sempai recognized me! :D
Centcomm 14th Apr 2016, 2:07 AM edit delete reply

yes he did!
Sheela 14th Apr 2016, 8:59 AM edit delete reply

Wait, what ?
KarToon12 is one of the three treasures ?
Stormwind13 14th Apr 2016, 10:03 AM edit delete reply

Well there goes THAT secret id. =7
Timotheus 13th Apr 2016, 11:14 PM edit delete reply

Am I correct in my observation that our two humanoid avatars are following Japanese manga/anime tradition in having oversized eyes? Their facial proportions would seem to indicate this but I'm not about to start actually measuring things.
Centcomm 14th Apr 2016, 2:07 AM edit delete reply

yes they do follow slightly Anime features. And this is totally intentional ask Rose.
Tokyo Rose 16th Apr 2016, 2:57 PM edit delete reply

Yup. It's a popular style in Shinedo.
lirvilas 16th Apr 2016, 4:57 AM edit delete reply

Yo, peanut gallery here, calling y'all out (Rose):

"Kusanagi" is a straight up nod to Ghost in the Shell, right? (Which would also suggest that these damn machine intelligences are related to the one born into the Net in that work...)
Centcomm 16th Apr 2016, 9:42 AM edit delete reply

Actually The name Kusanagi is the name of the " Sword " of the three treasures of Japan.

However Ghost in the shell is a awesome movie i have shamelessly used for inspiration a number of times :D
Tokyo Rose 16th Apr 2016, 3:02 PM edit delete reply

Motoko Kusanagi and this Kusanagi are both named for Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi.

On a side note, I've read a book that made mention of the good Major's name, noting that "Motoko" is a common, everyday sort of given name, while "Kusanagi" is, of course, a far more unusual and culturally significant name--it's like an English heroine named "Jane Excalibur".
Gilrandir 16th Apr 2016, 10:39 PM edit delete reply
Been a long time since I've seen Ghost in the Shell, so I don't recall if "Motoko Kusanagi" is Japanese-style (patronym, personal) or English-style (personal, patronym). So would it be "Jane Excalibur" or "Excalibur Jones"?
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